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They are never deleted by moderators as they coincide with the hotel's overall image.

Creative Booking Reviews

Our booking reviews are thematically meaningful, which implies that the author is aware of the customer’s perspective of hotel’s services.

Identical location

Our booking reviews are posted from individual IP addresses of the city where your company is situated.

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Our booking reviews never come from bots or empty profiles.

Ordering reviews on

Resource is widely known among Internet users looking for customer reviews about hotels and resorts all over the world. This service publishes opinions of clients who have visited a certain country and decided to share their impressions about the service of hotels and resorts.

When planning to travel, most people are looking for information on the internet regarding the places they would prefer to stay. After reading the clients' reviews, the tourist makes a conclusion whether he should stay in a certain place.

Positive reviews can attract a large number of customers and hotel guests, which is the reason why often order the reviews on service.

Positive reviews on

Thanks to the positive customer’s reviews, the hotel has the opportunity to significantly improve its rating. The content of such reviews should be praising, so that it tells about all your advantages over competitors. Such opinions will help to attract additional guests to your hotel.

Each hotel can order such positive reviews itself because guest do not always have enough time to share their opinions on the internet. New hotel complexes, which simply did not have time to build enough clientele, should definitely use this opportunity.

It is often possible to find such situations when competing firms deliberately bring down each other's rating by slandering in order to reduce the number of guests in those places. In this situation, it will be an excellent solution to order the promotion of your business on the service in order to restore your own image.

Besides the regular customers that provide profit during the holiday season, the promotion on service gives you the opportunity to reach a large number of guests during non-holiday times.

What do you need it for?

According to statistics, more than 70% of Internet users trust reviews and choose companies / products / services based solely on them. If there are no reviews about a company, or they are negative, users prefer to avoid such businesses. In conclusion, having negative reviews or not having them at all will result in missing up to 70% of your customers! This is why MMMBooking.Com, the Internet review writing agency #1, offers your company the chance to enhance its reputation and engage new customers!

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What is Internet reputation

Type ‘reviews’ and the name of your company in a search field. Visit the first three websites.
If you see lots of bad reviews, the situation is really grave. We can help you though.
If there are no reviews about your company at all, this can make your prospects suspicious.

Feedbacks are an indicator of your business's health.

How we work

  1. You choose a website to post reviews on;
  2. You specify the amount of reviews;
  3. You provide us a link to a page where you want to place them;
  4. You specify your wishes regarding the reviews type;
  5. You make the payment;
  6. Job is done !!!

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Inform us about your feedback requirements and we get it ready for you.

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  • First, you need to check if you’re eligible.
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